Collaborative Practice and The Heritage Institute — deepening our skills, expanding our resources

On April 2nd, 2014, a groundbreaking conversation was started, connecting two communities with strong common interests in the area of estate and legacy planning: Collaborative Practice Trusts & Estates and The Heritage Institute. This is your invitation to listen to the recorded conference call, which generated quite a bit of energy and excitement. The call is likely to be most interesting to professionals who are members of the two groups, but it may also be of interest to members of the public who are interested in hearing about emerging options for families that are interested in preserving values, legacy and wealth.

Our goals for the teleconference were to (1) provide a quick and easy way for the members of each community to get acquainted with each others’ work, (2) build relationships and extend our networks; and (3) explore possible ways we might work together and share ideas going forward. We were joined by Nancy Ross and Rod Zeeb, pioneers of Collaborative Practice Trusts & Estates and The Heritage Institute, respectively. Nancy and Rod shared the vision and mission of each organization, followed by an open conversation about what’s possible and next steps.

We see several possibilities, including mutual client referrals, deepening our institutional knowledge and wisdom, the ability to provide a wider array of services to families, and gaining perspective that will assist us in further developing the array of protocols, skills and tools available to us.

To listen to the call or download it for mobile listening, click here.