What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is conflict resolution in a respectful and mutually agreed-upon process. Rather than turning the decision-making power over to a judge, or other third party such as a mediator, control of the collaborative solution is kept with the people directly involved in the dispute. Working Collaboratively — rather than adversarially — can save time, money, and relationships, while at the same time creating more durable solutions.

In the Collaborative Practice process, each party is represented by a lawyer during negotiations and can call upon experts such as a neutral mental health professional and financial adviser as needed to provide information and help clients explore a variety of solutions. All parties work collaboratively to reach a solution that is best for the entire family. The clients don`t sign an agreement until each of them is comfortable with it.

Collaborative Practice is ideally suited to resolving estate conflicts and disputes, which are areas where families often need inter-disciplinary support to navigate complex legal, financial and inter-personal challenges.