Trusts & Estates Legacy Planning: Before the Crisis, the Opportunity

This audio program was recorded at the recent Collaborative Practice California Conference, April 27th-29th, 2018.

Listen in as we explore the exciting opportunity to help families proactively build strong foundations that can help them successfully navigate the stressful, life-changing loss of loved ones and thrive. Discover the ways in which the Collaborative Practice structure is ideally positioned to help families before damaging conflict arises, filling in the missing pieces where traditional estate planning too often falls short. Practical, actionable tools are provided, as will guidance on next steps for those interested in pursuing this path of service.


 (90 minutes)



Peter W. Johnson, Jr. is founder and principal of PWJohnson Wealth Management, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, California. His independent firm has provided investment and financial planning services to clients and families for 27 years, with a balanced emphasis on both the analytical and human side of the wealth equation. Peter’s commitment to family and younger generations is a natural outgrowth of his own experience with his family of origin, in which substantial wealth was accumulated and subsequently dissipated over three generations. To that end, he has completed the educational requirements for Collaborative Practice Trusts & Estates, and has participated in coursework with The Heritage Institute of Portland, Oregon. In addition, he is an active member of the Purposeful Planning Institute, a respected professional association dedicated to innovation and education in the field of estate planning. Peter has served as the Co-Chair of the Trusts and Estates Committee of Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley in 2012, on the Ethics Board of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and is past President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the FPA. 

Nancy J. Ross, LCSW, BCDis a co-founder of Collaborative Divorce and principal of Bauer, Shepherd & Ross & Associates (BSR), a psychotherapy practice in Cupertino, CA. As a clinician for over twenty-five years, Nancy has specialized in couples’ and family therapy Currently, over 85% of the practice is dedicated to collaborative work. She is also a mediator for both custody and post-divorce issues. A founding member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), Nancy has also served on both the ethics and standards committees of IACP. She has taught Collaborative Practice at Santa Clara University. Nancy is co-author of Divorce: A Problem to be Solved, Not a Battle to be Foughtand author of numerous articles on Collaborative Divorce.

Kamela Laird, JD, provides estate planning, probate, trust administration, and mediation services. She founded Integrate Legacy Law with the commitment to guide her clients to identify their life purpose and then integrate that legacy into their lives in a way that makes a lasting difference. As an experienced communication and relationship coach, mediator, and spiritual counselor, Kamela integrates these skills with her legal training to provide a holistic approach to estate planning. She has a special knack for supporting clients through conversations with family members regarding end of life, incapacity, and guardianship. She is currently the President of the Board of Directors at Community Boards, as well as a volunteer mediator there. She is an active member of Integrative Mediation Bay Area where she co-mediates with mental health professionals. As a pioneer of the Collaborative Trust & Estates field, she works on interdisciplinary teams with other Attorneys, licensed Mental Health and Eldercare Professionals, and Certified Financial Planners to deliver her clients a holistic and transformative experience.

Richard M. Del Monte is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Wealth Consultant, and nationally recognized expert on Families and Wealth. Richard has been featured on FOX Business News, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Private Opportunities Club, Private Wealth Magazine, Trust & Estates, and Family Wealth Report. A sought after speaker, he recently gave a TEDxBellevue talk on “A Place of Possibility for Families and Wealth.” Clients seek guidance from Richard in mentoring the next generation around how to avoid destroying inherited wealth, or letting it destroy them, how to pass on values to heirs while still enjoying their wealth, and ensuring the family’s wealth lasts for multiple generations. By acting on Richard’s road-tested advice, self-made families are able to deal with the complexities of wealth with fun and ease. Best of all, he teaches the keys to family teamwork so they can have closer relationships, greater joy and satisfaction, and more effective communication. Richard has completed specialized training in family dynamics and preparing heirs. He holds an MBA in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Chico. He is a faculty member at the Institute for Preparing Heirs, a student of Bowen Family Systems, and a founding member of the Council for Shared Leadership, LLC, which established standards of excellence for values-based advisors and the families they serve.