Trusts & Estates Options Presentation Saturday 9/10/16

Trusts & Estates Options


  • Have you ever wondered how your heirs will deal with their inheritance after you are gone?
  • Have you spent time developing your Trust & Estate Plan so that you are sure that your wishes are followed?
  • Are you clear about the different ways that you can do this?

Your choices affect your family… now and in the future.

Your presenters are practicing professionals in the fields of Law, Finance, and Mental Health. The presentation is intended to be educational, not a sales pitch, and there is no cost to attend.

Where: 3880 S. Bascom Ave. San Jose, CA, Suite 204 (the Chantel Building)
When: September 10th 2016
Time: 10am – 12pm

If possible. Please RSVP to or call Keith Britany, at 831-566-3728

Harvard Law School to Offer Course on Collaborative Law

We are pleased to report that Harvard Law School will be again be offering a fall course on Collaborative Law in 2016. The three-credit course, which focuses on ethics issues, is entitled “Legal Profession: Collaborative Law.” The course will be taught by David A. Hoffman, Esq., Mediator, Arbitrator, Collaborative Lawyer, of the Boston Law Collaborative, LLC.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link to the course listing:





TEDx Talk on Lawyers as Peacemakers

David Hoffman, who lectures at Harvard University and is a co-founder of Boston Collaborative Law, presents a powerful and inspiring TEDx talk on Lawyers as Peacemakers at Northern Illinois University in June, 2016. This is well worth the 17 minutes it takes to watch, and presents the big-picture view of the revolution in legal services that Collaborative Law is part of.

View Mr. Hoffman’s bio here at LinkedIn.

Presenter Training for Trusts and Estate Options

Trust and Estates Options is a brand-new public seminar designed to be an informative review of the choices families have in making estate planning decisions and resolving disputes (see previous post). Today marked the public debut of the seminar, at the annual California Collaborative Practice conference held in Redwood City, California. Participating in this ground-breaking rollout (below, from left to right) were our amazing colleagues Kamela Laird, JD; Cathy Daigle, CFP®, CDFA™; Nancy J. Ross, LCSW, BCD; Keith Britany, MFT; and Doug Rosner, JD.


New Public Classes Available!

Trust & Estate Options Classes

Helping all of us make better decisions

Do you want to do what’s truly best for your family, but feel overwhelmed by the complexity and uncertainty of estate planning? This class, taught by an attorney, a financial professional, and a counselor will take you step by step through:

  • The different processes available both in estate planning and in estate dispute resolution in California (families don’t have to go to court!)
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that often cost families their most important asset — their relationships — and help ensure a durable legacy
  • The applicable laws governing probate, trusts, and heath care directives
  • The financial aspects of estates, and the additional flexibility available to families that can reach agreement
  • How to deal with the emotional fallout of death and how to talk to your family members about it

Download the flyer here, and sign up today! A small investment of time could very well bring lasting results for you and your family.

Date: May 14, 2016
Time: 9:00 a.m. – noon
Location: 3880 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, Second floor conference room
Cost: FREE
To RSVP: email

Interview with Nancy Ross, LCSW

Nancy Ross, LCSW, discusses the history of Collaborative Practice, and her involvement with its development in this interview with Peter Johnson, held on February 11, 2016. During the interview, Nancy illustrates the benefits of Collaborative Practice to families, as well as its contribution to the development of professional leaders. She also touches on the recent emergence of Collaborative Practice Trusts & Estates, and her hopes for the future of the movement and its impact on the broader community.

— “I just finished watching the entire interview. What an amazing piece of work. Congratulations … on such an insightful, warm, and understandable presentation on what Collaborative Practice is and what it has meant in Nancy’s life and the lives of those who have benefitted from it. Well done!” — Linda S., Attorney